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Tuesday, September 21, 2010



I am not an only child and alas I have no words of wisdom to give you. E and A are the same as Elise and Nina. Best of friends one moment and screaming meanies the next. I try to ignore as much of it as I can but eventually you hear: the next girl that touches another girl is in for it!!

Holly S.

Um, your mom AND your Holly!!! I checked at LEAST twice yesterday! : )

There is actually a book called Siblings Without Rivalry - I would send it to you but I haven't read all of it yet. We don't really have issues with them, but I know as soon as I gave the book away we would have some kind of sibling explosion in the Smith House! Ha! Anyway....thought you might want to check it out! (and look at all of the other similar books that come up with it on Amazon)


My brother and I used to fight a lot - we were close in age. My sister and I were six years apart and mostly ignored each other. Now I am great friends with both of them. It doesn't help you right now, but your girls can grow to be great friends.

One key, which it sounds like you are doing, is not to play favorites. My mom always said, "As long as all my children complain equally that things aren't fair, I must be doing pretty well as a parent." (:


Holly - sorry for worrying you!! :) I have another friend whose children rarely, if ever, fight, and that just boggles my mind. Your kids are similar ages to mine... what is the difference? Is it the personality of the kids, the parenting, the parents as role models... it is frustrating to know that there are families out there with children of similar ages to mine that don't fight. That makes me feel like there must be something I could do better. Maybe I'll get that book.

Lisa... I love the "if all my children complain equally about things being unfair, I must be doing something right!" - great words of wisdom! I'll have to remember that when they are screaming about the inhumanity of it all!


...and me! I was getting ready to send an email to you at work to see if all was well!

Love the "hottub" photos.

Holly S.

I think it's completely normal for siblings to fight, and I don't think the lack of fighting has to do with awesome parenting. : ) I don't know....since I have never been around you all (how sad), I don't know the differences. I really have a hard time tolerating hearing negativity towards each other (I think I have issues, and I really just can't listen to it), so have always talked about being encouraging and having sweet and happy hearts.....but that probably has nothing to do with anything! I would bet it comes down to personalities - and Ella Kate is the least stubborn, most laid back kid I know, SO she probably puts up with Sydney more than another kid might, which leads to less bickering. I don't know. : )

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