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Monday, September 13, 2010



I'd be just like you when you said: "If I were ever to hire an assistant, his first two jobs would be dealing with laundry and mail!"

Interesting that your assistant would be male, "his" first two jobs would be ... I like the way you think!

I was in the middle of a personal crisis the day of 9/11/01 ... that day truly did change my world ...

Sue McCoy

I was thinking the same things as Jerri, above regarding the assistant!

I think your photo is first, beautiful of you and secondly, very profound for such a historically tragic day. When there was so much shock, terror, gloom and death, you were carrying joy, life and future hope.


Your assistant's masculinity caught my eye, too! heehee.

What a way to remember 9/11/01! There were blessings to come out that day indeed!

I'll hop over to Mira's Daydreams. Sounds refreshing. Found you from the Daybook site and enjoyed your post.

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