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Monday, August 30, 2010



too cool
was Nina in a study?


I really got sucked into Nineteen Minutes too - as I usually do with Jodi Picoult's books! Happy reading!


Robin - yes, she has been in two studies where they have done MRI's. In the one recently, they were trying to pinpoint the area of the brain that processes numbers. They had her in the MRI, and they had her play a game that showed numbers, letters, and other shapes. She was supposed to push a button for all the green ones or something, but that was just to keep her engaged. They didn't care when she pushed the button! :) Mostly they just wanted to watch what her brain did when the numbers were displayed. She also got to watch Sponge Bob part of the time in there, so she loved that! :) She clearly has not inherited her mother's claustrophobia!


I am in the market for some new sheets, so i'm keeping your recommendation in mind! I love sheets too, hard to explain, really.

When i read this i thought "Earl? What is this 'Earl' she is talking about? I'm out of it what can i say. We're driving to the beach for a week on Sunday, and i sure am hoping that the Outer Banks are still there when Earl is done. It looks like Friday is the day it will be here? I hope it doesn't ruin everyone's plans.

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