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Saturday, August 07, 2010



Ha! I'm just glad that this fad will likely be over by the time that my kids are old enough to care ;) Cute t-shirts! Cute kiddos!


love those tees! where are they from?
I think A and E lost all the ones we had from Michele already.....


Kerry... actually, you're missing out on a pretty decent fad! They are a heck of a lot cheaper than Cabbage Patch Kids. They are small enough to fit an entire collection of them in a baggie unlike Beanie Babies. They are cheap enough that kids can afford them with their allowance. As fads go, this is one of the better ones!


Robin - aren't those fun? They have rock n' roll ones too. They are from http://www.likewear.com. I don't know if this code is still good or not, by the code MYMOMSHOPS may get you 25% off! :)


Actually, just looked at their website, and they have some new Silly Band tees since I ordered. They now have peace and sports ones too!


Silly bands may be around for a while. Now there is Silly Sockz! Their made by Jefferies socks and if you goto www.jefferiessocks.com/sillysockz.html you can see them . They are not available to consumers yet but @ www.socksinstock.com they say they will have them in late september! These even come with matching bands!

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