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Monday, July 26, 2010


darlene horslev

Does anyone really care about your day?


Good question! I would have thought that people who didn't care about my day would just click away to something else rather than read to the end and leave a comment. Your choice though.... read or don't read, just as it is my choice to post.


I care to read about your day! I love your daybook posts.

Holly S.

I read your Daybook every Monday, and the first thing I noticed was that you had two back to back and it was unusual! As I'm going through my sites trying to think of something to read I'll think, "Oh it's Monday - I know Ann has a new one!"


Wow Addie is growing fast!! She's really changed in the last few months.


Ditto regarding the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. It was a little bit fun to read, but i didn't get much out of it.

I also found and read Meyer's unfinished manuscript Midnight Sun. It is available online at her site here:

That was better, i thought, as it answered a few more questions about what was going on with Edward when Bella came into his life. It's a pretty quick read, too.


Mitchell informed me he got is his first kiss at the end of that movie ... sigh? laugh? cry?


Su - ack! First kiss!?!? I think cry!! Your baby is growing up!

Audrey - thanks for reminding me about Midnight Sun. I had started reading it a while back but only got a few pages into it. I need to read all of it. I think it would be better.


Can't wait to see the new bedroom! I love the colors. Think I have committed on a few things for the kids rooms...nothing for us! :)

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