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Saturday, June 19, 2010



Great job Ann! I just love your blog and can I say you have been rocking your camera lately.


Thank you girlfriend! I love your blog. You inspire me to be a better mom, embrace life and think positive. Love you.
xo, t


Thanks Tracy and Melissa!! Melissa... I have to tell you that I came *this close* to passing on the award to you too because I can already tell your blog is going to be AWESOME, but I decided more than a week's worth of blogging was required!! LOL! :)

Cindy H.

Congratulations Ann! I also blog for the same reason as you do, although I started this as my own baby. I do enjoy reading yours and I think you earned this prize!


Great job! My friends always ask "who read your blog?" I say "one of my friends at work" You inspire me, and have for a while now. Peace. -su

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