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Saturday, June 12, 2010



That looks like SO much fun!!

Sarah P.

That is excellent!!

Candi Lindsay

Great shot...reminds me of a penguin flying across the ice into the ocean

Tammy Lee

Excellent idea and photos!


This is a beautiful picture, you've captured their exhileration perfectly- looks like so much fun!!

Lisa D

I think this is your most gallery worthy photo yet. It's very happy on the one hand and disturbing, too. Like some Diane Arbus' pictures of kids. It's not just pretty or sweet. Elise and the other girl are happy, but turning their faces away from the water. You get the feeling the water is very cold.

Also there is a strong triangle formed with Elise's hands at the base running up through the kneeling girl on the left and Elise's foot on the right, up through the girl's arms in the back row. Where the top of the triangle would be is off the 'page' and emphasizes the fact that she has no head in the photo. Your eye keeps getting pulled back up to the top of the picture and then back down again, creating movement.
It's cool how the girl on the top right (Addie?)is balanced so well with the dark on the top left of the shutter or porch, further bringing the eye back to the top row and the kids without heads. Fly is the operative word here - it's exhilarating to let go, and scary at the same time.

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