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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The Planet Pink

LOL! At least Addison has a place to sit!


I am SO giggling in my office here!!!! HA HA HA!!

Did you check out WM? Too dark in terms of wood stains??

Holly S.

That pic made me LOL.


Jodi - yep, we went by WM over the weekend. Loved the size of all the tables, but they were all really dark and just didn't seem like they would work well in our kitchen. I wish more places had tables that size... it seems they are all 60x36 everywhere.


Hahaha! Love the picture!


I love a picnic!



She has the perfect expression, too.
Part confusion, part contentment.


At least it's one less place for junk mail to stack up! But I suppose it could just go on the floor now. :-) Ooh - it could be a dance studio for the girls - they'd love it!

lisa hahn

You may not be a good "decider" but you are very funny, and a good writer. You make me laugh. At least it all gets done....eventually.

Tonya Ohlund

Sorry to hear about JC's temper tantrum :)

(No, he is not that heavy. It involved a temper tantrum of sorts while I was out of town.)

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