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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Robin Zook

oh no don't retire. you & the cookie dad are the best:-)

Robin Zook

I hit enter too soon, I forgot to mention retirement requires 10 years + of service I think:-)


Okay weird - you have like totally different flavors then us? I had no idea there were regional differences...


Yep... different varieties by region and baker. We use ABC Bakers. You may use Little Brownie. Some of the flavors are the same, just different names. Do-si-dos = peanut butter sandwiches, Trefoils = shortbread, Tagalongs = Peanut Butter Patties, and even though we tell people that Samoas = Caramel Delights, they are slightly different. Samoas use dark chocolate. Caramel Delights use milk chocolate. Most of those standard cookies (along with Thin Mints) are the same everywhere, but the newer varieties are definitely different. We have Lemonades, Thanks-a-lots, and Daisy-Go-Rounds this year (those will be retired after this year).


Ok, all I have to say is that I will be robbing your house next year, as I am a COOKIE MONSTER. I think we bought 30 boxes this year, and we gave them as customer gifts, gifts for people at work, and ate several ourselves! Sorry for all of the sickness. Wish we could get up to Dallas this week. I hope you got in ok. Love to all!

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