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Tuesday, January 12, 2010




I know this wasn't necessarily intended to be funny, but I started cracking up when I saw the picture...accompanied with the "Look at these faces" lead-in.

It is sad, though. I guess people don't want to look like bad guys.


Didn't make me laugh. It almost made me cry! :-(

Holly S.

It can be so frustrating sometimes. = ( And "Be polite" means not cracking the door to say "not interested" and shutting it in their face.


I would buy from those sweet faces if I didn't have 2 of my own daisy's trying to sell!!!!

Robin Zook

So I think your comments need publishing in the n& o. Maybe those who need the education about how to gracefully say no thankyou might read the instructions and Prevent my daughter & yours from wasting their time out in the freezing cold waiting for someone they know is home to answer the door. Would also prevent the "maybe the doorbell didn't ring can I push it once more question....,"


I understand all that you've said and can agree and know how frustrating that can be as the 'seller'.

But...on the other hand, I came home the other day and saw a man and young boy (around 12) walking up my street. I live on a very short cul-de-sac. I pulled in, shut the garage door, and moments later, my doorbell rang. It was dark, I'm essentially home alone, and I don't know this man and if he's using the boy as a ruse. I was very reluctant to open the door. But, I had the guilt of 'geez...they just saw me come home'. I did open the door, barely...ready to slam it shut if they pushed their way in...and it was a Boy Scout selling popcorn. They live in a neighboring n'hood. (We don't have kids in our n'hood.)

So, while this is slightly different than your scenario where it's two girls, daylight, and your n'bors may be used to seeing children, I can understand if someone doesn't answer. And, if they have a 2-yr old banging on the window, they're probably stressed and trying to get something done while hte toddler is 'sorta occupied' and can't stop in the middle of what they're doing.

I really see both sides. I know it's frustrating for your girls. I love the photo.

I guess a 'no solicitor' sign would be the best for people that are scared to answer the door (no peephole, etc) or those that are too busy to answer and say 'no'.


I remember well going door-to-door selling GS cookies, band candy, etc. If I sold 40 boxes, that was a BIG accomplishment. That was back in the day when that was about the avg that a girl sold. You learn alot about rejection and giving people the benefit of the doubt and how people lie to your face giving you excuses instead of just saying 'no thanks'.

I also remember the naked man that thought he was hiding behind his front door as he opened it and peeked around it. He forgot it had three square windows at 'strategic' places.

Yet another education for me! ha.

Good luck to your girls. They're troupers (pun intended) for pounding the pavement. I don't want my comments to considered negative at all...I just understand both sides.


I'm sure there were cases where someone was on the phone, in the bathroom, or otherwise unable to come to the door. However, it was mid-morning on a Saturday, and our neighborhood is teaming with kids, including at least 14 Girl Scouts. All the scouts in the neighborhood had divided up the subdivision, so that no house would get hit up for cookies more than once or twice. So, I know we weren't the 5th Girl Scout to come by... most likely the first. Anyway, if it had just been a couple houses, I wouldn't have cared. It was a LOT of houses though where people were very obviously home, and it became very clear to all of us that people simply weren't answering the door. I just feel like people could have had the courtesy to come to the door and politely say that they weren't interested, or had already ordered from their niece, or were diabetic, or whatever... whether any of it was true or not.

Holly S.

Yesterday I took Sydney to a few houses, and at one house she came back and said there were "Korean teenagers peeking around the corner, waiting for me to leave!" At least do a better job of hiding in the house with all of the lights on!


I'm sorry to hear about your girls being treated poorly in their own neighborhood. What a great idea to make sure that each house is only approached by a couple girls at most. Sad that people are still rude to the few girls that try to approach them. The girls will always have our support, no matter how many neighborhood girls approach our house!


I just checked out your links you left on my blog - the computer entry and the delivery. Crap, I am a wreck now..lol

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