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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Holly S.

Big Happy SIX to Nina!!!


Happy Birthday and good luck to the parents! :-)

At first, I thought the photo of her in ballet class was her ice skating! The floor was so shiny it looked like ice and she looked like a graceful figure skater!

btw: I thought of Addie yesterday. The hostess of a restaurant told me they were short handed as the other hostess's daughter had super glued her lips together and the mother had to go home. I suppose the little girl thought she'd apply lip gloss. I then thought of Addie and her Sharpie incident and decided that wasn't as bad as super-glued lips!


Ouch! Superglued lips... what a nightmare! I could totally see that happening around here though!


What a sweet note. I LOL'd quite a bit thinking of the how alike our girls are.
Happy Birthday Nina!
xoxo, t


I love this. Definitely making my mom start writing these for us.

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