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Saturday, January 30, 2010



that cake looked cool- even your graple (gray/purple)
Glad you had friends to share with even with the snow!


Wonderful. The day turned out alright and you had a celebration afterall.

The cake was great looking. I still don't know how you did that...just pour one layer on top of another? Seems like the top color would start to fall thru the bottom colo. And, it seemed like the batter in your photo didn't go out to the edges. That confuses me too. I guess as you add colors to the top, it spreads out to the sides? I'm just baffled. :-)


Suetta, here are the instructions I followed (although I just did regular cake mix ingredients, not the weird sprite/jello combo). She has more pictures to show every step of the way.
And yes, as you add colors in the middle, the lower colors spread out to the sides.

The Planet Pink

How fun! Sometimes those impromptu gatherings are better than the planned ones. Looks like it was successful. And the cake looks awesome!


Thanks, Ann! What a hoot that woman is!! I laughed all the way through her reasons why to make this and her instructions and FAQ answers.


Can I tell you how much I want a piece of that cake?! I love the way Nina used tons of icing.........a girl after my own heart :)

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