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Saturday, January 30, 2010


The Planet Pink

Looks yummy! As I was out this morning taking pics of our snow aftermath I was thanking my lucky stars we had Princess #2's party last Saturday. You'd think after growing up here I'd know that planning ANYTHING in January is risky. I hope you guys have a fun day, no matter what!


Wow...clever cake baking!
And if you ever need to make an 'elephant cake', you'll know how to make gray.


Those are so cool! I can't wait to see a slice. Hmmmm, maybe I will do that for Abbie's party, or Sam's.....or maybe you can just send those. LOL


very cool! I hope you were able to have the party today!


So cool! I am looking forward to seeing how the slices looked. That would have been perfect for the art party. I guess you can think of it as practice for the rescheduled date? Your luck with winter parties makes me want to just go ahead and start a tradition of throwing my kids' parties in the Spring. What was I thinking with January and February birthdays??


How neat! I actually have some boxes of cake batter that i am planning to make tomorrow - wish i had food coloring so i could do this! I will remember this, though.

Michele D

Ann, did you just use vanilla cake mix? Seriously wanting to do this for Sam's birthday cake :-)
You Rock!

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