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Thursday, December 31, 2009



I *love* this idea; as my girls get older, I really want to do this, also!!!!


I absolutely love this idea and may need to take it for myself. We did this for Christmas for our extended family one year and the results were less than spectacular so I got scared away.


I may steal this idea also -- I got my kids some chickens and ducks from Oxfam this year, but they totally didn't get what it was about. Maybe selecting the charity for themselves will help!


For those of you thinking about trying this, the website http://www.changingthepresent.org/ is a great place for finding good organizations with "gifts" that the kids can understand... like they can spend $10 towards a kickball for a playground built after a disaster, or they can spend $45 on 15 books for kids who don't have books. It is a good place for finding really tangible donation ideas with quality organizations.

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