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Friday, November 20, 2009



Hang in there girl!


You can do it!
Thinking of you guys


I feel terrible for you both right now... it's so hard! I am happy to cook for you - I'll make something you can eat or freeze and drop it off tomorrow or Monday!


Time for the girls to take out the garbage, empty diaper pails and wash dishes. 8 and 6 (?) can do some small stuff and feel good about helping out. I was doing all of that and the laundry and ironing (back when people ironed) from about age 7. Maybe give stars for each task done and when JC gets better, an outing or treat for helping the family.


PS: At least they can be glad there aren't eggs to collect and cows to milk!


aw, this was really a sweet, sweet post. I love how you write.

Cindy H.

Oh Ann, I haven't heard about JC's injury, but sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. You know it happens to all of us, right? Not just an injury but sometimes, life just goes too fast and you look around and go "WTF just happened? Everything was honkey-dorey a week ago!!"

And my girls do help around the house but not without a lot of, um, "encouragement" or eye-rolling and huffing & puffing from them. But it's never enough...the house gets out of whack, we get out of whack, and then you just have to find that BIG BREATH and say to yourself "It's all going to be OK. Dishes can wait. But everybody needs to be fed." :)

BTW, I do like Kanye and I think the whole Taylor Swift thing was kind of silly (on both parts). She's young, I know. But come on. I once JOKINGLY kicked sand at my BFF in HS and guess what, she was so embarrassed she cried. And it was my fricking BIRTHDAY. So I kind of have no heart for wimpy wimps.

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