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Monday, September 21, 2009



I'll be praying Elise's numbers continue to go up- that is no fun. (And more than a little worrisome!) Hope you all have a great Monday!


Happy belated anniversary! That is a wonderful picture.

Doylene Brents

The picture of your children is beautiful. I have a lot of housework to today also. I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with me. Doylene

Doylene Brents

I forgot Happy Anniversary. I forget ours often also but my husband reminds me. Doylene

Mama Bear

Happy Anniversary! You and your man need to have a talk and plan something for just the two of you.
Praise for your daughter's test.
I like the picture you shared.
Mama Bear


We did actually have plans to go out Friday night... complete with dinner reservations and a babysitter, but the baby got sick with a fever, so we had to cancel. We definitely had planned to celebrate, but when those plans were put on hold, I realized that we never even told each other happy anniversary or acknowledged the day... should have at least done that much!

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