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Thursday, September 17, 2009



I watched that 8 times yesterday and it made me cry happy tears.


Made me cry too! Also, pretty funny that that is what you were listening to in your Monday post.


I LOVE THIS SONG. It's NUMBER ONE on my running playlist and no matter how sucky or sleep-less my days or nights have been - this song just makes you MOVE!!

That IS the coolest thing ever! I am gonna post this link on my own site now... :)

And... just breathe. It's all gonna be ok. :)


That was totally cool! I watched it several times, and i was like "OMG!" and then i wanted to know more about it so i googled it and found out that the crowd dance part was at least partially staged. But, the cool part is that Oprah didn't know about it! Her surprise was awesome to watch. In one of the clips i watched, there is a shot of Oprah where she is just flummoxed at the crowd and is holding the microphone away from her face but you can clearly read her lips saying "Oh my f***ing God" which i found extremely hilarious. The whole thing totally made my day - thank you for posting it. (-:

I love the Black Eyed Peas!

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