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Sunday, May 24, 2009



Oh Ann! I feel so awful for you. What a horrible travel experience. That mean old lady, I feel sorry for her grandkids if she has any. Hope you ALL got some sleep and today is better. Yeesh.


Ohhh man. Poor you ALL - that is one rough trip. I hope Addison is doing better today - and you too! You're FAR more diplomatic than I would have been with that biatch seated in front of you BTW... ;)


Congrats on being "those parents." You know, the ones who can't control their kids, have no consideration for other travelers, and clearly have no parenting skills (everyone can bite me).

We got a bit of that when we took Jack to see the grandparents in Dallas last year. And luckily we only had one.

I think your standard response should be, "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT? YOU WANT SOME OF THIS?!? (with chest-thumping)"

Jack exacted his revenge by barfing on me 1 hour outside of Baltimore. As I only had carry-on luggage, I got to wear a windbreaker with no shirt on for the remainder of the flight and drive home. All I needed was some gold chains.

Sorry it didn't go well, Ann. Those of us who are parents understand it's just the way things are.


I'm sorry about your awful flying experience! Life sure doesn't go as planned sometimes. You were a trooper to keep trying. By the end of the flight with that woman, i think i MIGHT have been poking Addie and saying "Kick her again!"

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