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Monday, May 25, 2009



Whew - much improvement from the day before. I checked out the site - very cool. You should email the 360Flex people and suggest they have it there next year!


OMG, can you imagine? How great would that be? We'd have to take our families for sure! It is also about a minute's drive from Sea World, so great location to go to Sea World!


Ooooooo!!! I've stayed at that Hyatt about 5 yrs ago...It *IS* wonderful. I loved the "Texas" feel, the gigantic dried flower arrangements in the lobby, the stone, the antler chandeliers, leather chairs, cow hide chairs, etc. etc... Glad you're enjoying your stay. I vote to live there a couple of years; then I can come visit! :-) We drove up to Fredericksburg. I loved that little town and the drive there, past the Texas ranches.

Sorry about your hellish plane flight. Bonnie Hunt told a story on her talk show this week about her flight from Chicago to LA. A couple had brought their triplets, under the age of 1. They did not have anything to distract the kids (food, toys, books, etc...Altho, I'm not sure what a baby that age would need to distract them), but all three screamed the entire flight. She said that the man next to the woman and one baby kept ordering Scotch. Finally, after several drinks, he looked at her and said, 'Just curious. Why would someone come on a flight with three babies and nothing to occupy them? Are you going somewhere special?' The woman, chomping gum, replied, "Yeah, we're going to my brother's dental convention." The man ordered another scotch. After more screaming, the man said something to her about the crying, hoping she or the husband would walk them up/down the aisle or something. She said, still chomping gum, "Look, they're babies. They cry. Get over it." and then proceeded to slap her earplugs on and read a magazine. The man ordered another Scotch. ha. So, maybe you were trying too hard. Maybe you should have just read a magazine, listened to music and ignored the woman...and bought her a drink. ha


When we get all moved in, I'll be sure to let you know, so you can come visit! ;)


I would never have thought of going to San Antonio for a vacation, but it sure does seem nice. I read your story about the plane and I could just see you (or any of us) just standing, watching, with the tears rolling down the cheek! Glad you are getting good karmic payback now.


Gotta love the HYATT! Lazy river rocks!

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