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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Holly S.

Oh Ann, everything sounds like it is going smoothly-that is wonderful. I hope it continues that way. Everyone's thoughts and prayers have been with you and Elise.


Maybe Elise should come up with something fun to say the next time they are all in. Or ask each of them their favorite food, or their favorite Disney Princess. heh.
She is such a trooper. Thank goodness you followed your instincts. I probably would have shrugged it off as some dry skin issue. Brrrr.


I'm imagining that having the knowledge that you have comes in handy sometimes, and causes serious panic attacks at other times. I am so glad you checked this. I did research on this last night too, and it sounds like the treatment she is getting will make her well. Love you all. Hugs to you for being with her, and hugs to J.C. for being home with Nina and Addie. Tell her to feel better soon b/c she has two boys in Texas who want to play with her and her pesky little sisters! :)

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