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Tuesday, August 26, 2008



I'm not a big hot dog fan either and watching that vat of pureed parts was pretty gross.

Around here we say that 'dogs are made up of the Three Ts. Tongues, Toes and Testicles. (can I say testicles?? I know it's an all girl blog. ;))


I can't do it. I can't watch. I admit it--I love hot dogs. I don't want to....I wish I didn't, but I DO!

Joan Janak

I was never going to have a kid with a snotty nose. Why can't little noses be wiped clean? Well, with violent protest they can be but seconds later you have a little kid with a snotty nose. Ann,I don't think that "never" survived your first childhood cold! mom


My first born got all of the "nevers". You are never going to watch a PG-13 movie until you are 13! You are never going to play video games until you are 11!You are never getting IM on the computer until you are older. Now, Mitchell who has just turned 11 has seen more PG-13 movies than I care to admit, and you know he plays video games. Ellice is addicted to IM and anything electronic... So, I gave him a cell phone I'm sure I will try some more "nevers" on him, but he is now quick to point out that everyone else gets away with a lot, and I certainly can't say "no, never honey..."


I can't watch the video... I don't like to eat them often, but I do enjoy a hot dog at the occasional cookout or ballgame! Thanks for the nod to my blog :)

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