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Monday, May 07, 2012


skirts of light

Thank you for voting against Amendment One. While it would not directly affect me in my relationship were it to pass, I firmly believe that injustice against anyone is injustice against everyone.

Eagerly awaiting my hydrangeas as well!

notes from the tiny naping house

I was listening to the issue with this on public radio the other day. It is difficult when so many people don't bother to actually do any homework or research at all before they go to vote...if they go to vote.


I cant believe it! I have a hydrangea with hsitory too! it was in my Maw's yard and Ive moved it three times!! I love a plant with history too!!!


I love a plant with history, too. How neat that you have rosemary plants from your wedding!

Love the photo - like Mom, like daughter.

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